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04/07/2014 Why Is This CPA Walking 2,826 Miles? 1,237 Comments
04/14/2014 Why Different Generations of Clients Need Different Solutions 561 Comments
03/28/2014 What to Do When Sparklines Are Disabled 1,382 Comments
04/02/2014 What Kind of Digital Company Are You? 1,829 Comments
04/15/2014 To Get Client Referrals, Work on Loyalty 495 Comments
04/14/2014 The Only Four Things You Need to Need to Know 1,579 Comments
04/15/2014 The Four Reasons to Move to the Cloud 1,408 Comments
04/10/2014 The 'CSI Niche': AICPA Boosts Forensic Accounting 1,965 Comments
03/20/2014 Take Cover Against Tax Season Violence 1,718 Comments
04/14/2014 Survey: Work Hours and Resources Not Spared From Tax Preparation 768 Comments
04/02/2014 Survey: More CAEs Being Recruited From Outside Profession 1,490 Comments
03/18/2014 Still Haven’t Filed Your Taxes? Then Consider These 10 Tips 2,371 Comments
03/24/2014 Social Media Risk Is a Concern for Internal Auditors 2,042 Comments
04/03/2014 Senate Takes a Fresh Look at 'Dead' Tax Breaks 1,298 Comments
04/07/2014 Senate Schedules Hearing on ‘Unethical’ Tax Preparers 1,096 Comments
03/31/2014 Pension Accounting Standard Stays on Course: GASB 1,073 Comments
03/17/2014 Opposition Mounts for House XBRL Exemption Legislation 2,691 Comments
04/03/2014 New SASB Standards Target Technology and Communications Companies 877 Comments
03/26/2014 New Major IRS Phone Scam Highlights Dangers 1,681 Comments
04/08/2014 Never Mind the Answers; What Are the Questions? 804 Comments

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02/28/2014 Wristbands Get Indiana CPA Firm Moving at Tax Time 2,414 Comments
01/21/2014 Workers’ Comp and S Corp Owners? 2,189 Comments
03/06/2014 Why Enhancing the Earned Income Credit Is a Bad Idea 1,110 Comments
01/28/2014 What's the Password? Five Possible Answers for Accounting Regulators 1,431 Comments
02/10/2014 We Need More Super CPAs Like Greg Padgett 1,555 Comments
02/19/2014 Use a Validated Hiring Process to Help Reduce Employee Turnover 1,568 Comments
02/21/2014 Unresolved Client Issues Take Money Out of Your Pocket 1,291 Comments
02/18/2014 Understanding the Client Experience 4,879 Comments
02/03/2014 Tips on How You Can Stand Out From Other Tax Professionals 3,941 Comments
02/19/2014 TIGTA Says IRS Needs to Upgrade Travel Procedures 883 Comments
02/24/2014 Three Problems Caused by Employee Turnover and Implications of an Inefficient Hiring Process 2,799 Comments
01/21/2014 The Tax Picture of Downton Abbey If It Were in the US 2,707 Comments
03/07/2014 The Lowdown on Tax Audits 2,062 Comments
02/11/2014 The Five Essential Components of Client Service 2,811 Comments
03/12/2014 The Big 'If' in Client Surveys 1,062 Comments
03/10/2014 Teach Clients to Be Tax Smart Year-Round 1,361 Comments
03/03/2014 Tax Returns Keep Rolling In to the IRS 1,843 Comments
02/04/2014 Tax Refunds Could Be Grounded By Debt Ceiling Stand-Off 10,344 Comments
02/12/2014 Tax Professionals: How Do You Respond When Someone Asks About Your Fee? 4,538 Comments
02/18/2014 Tax Professionals: How Do You Protect Your Practice and Clients From Dishonest Employees? 2,776 Comments

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07/13/2005 “Show Me” Slackers 458 Comments
08/23/2006 “Grow Your Practice” with Reinvented QuickBooks ProAdvisor Program 573 Comments
11/14/2001 “Excellence in Auditing” Roundtable Held in Virginia; First Ever Auditing “Musical” is a Hit 186 Comments
01/10/2008 “Do It Herself” does it again 644 Comments
11/15/2004 ‘Wanted: A Managing Partner That Meets ALL of our Expectations!’ 1,050 Comments
10/30/2005 ‘Tis The Season for Unscheduled Absences 457 Comments
10/28/2004 ‘Renaissance, The Tax People’ Promoters Indicted for $84M Tax Fraud 757 Comments
02/05/2004 ‘Current Liability’ Rules Could Change Under FASB Plan 2,115 Comments
04/28/2004 ‘Controlled’ Companies Taking Advantage of Loophole 273 Comments
05/13/2013 [Blank] Your Way to a Better Brand 1,575 Comments
10/15/2006 Zuckerman Named Head of Employee Plans Rulings & Agreements 360 Comments
06/11/2002 ZIPsales Returns From CCH Makes Filing Easier 271 Comments
06/12/2013 ZenPayroll Adds Contractors to Its Cloud-Based Payroll Service 3,056 Comments
10/23/2012 YouTube Video Features Medicare Surtax 4,230 Comments
04/16/2013 Your To-Do List: Unforeseen Events Will Happen 2,655 Comments
04/23/2001 Your Taxes: Student Loan Interest Deduction 447 Comments
10/13/2011 Your Social Security Check Is NOT in the Mail 4,508 Comments
04/09/2002 Your Sales Prescription: The 'I Hate Selling' Action Plan 396 Comments
02/17/2010 Your QuickBooks survival kit for year-end tasks 24,672 Comments
01/19/2004 Your New Year's Resume Checkup 309 Comments