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Be smart: have your tax returns prepared by a CPA. CPAs know the tax code, and they fight back.
Our ESPP did not change employee's ESPP contribution as requested.
Does this photo remind you how engaging your last CPE class was?
The Milkman, Breadman, and Eggman: life was sure a lot simpler 60 years ago.
Business client hosting charity event
Client has 3 business's does she have to register for VAT
Can S Corp transfer assets to form LLC tax free under Sec 721a
work in USA?
Chartered Accountants
Can Intellectual Property be disposed of partially over time like shares?
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Banking and other considerations
Have a client who invoices Amazon for linking his site to theirs; they basically pay him a commission for this service. He has enquired into the tax position...
Do you have any financial regrets?
box 14 - 2% shareholder
Regards customer reclaiming vat on sales


Voice of the Editor

As I mentioned a while back, there have been some changes in the works at the AWEB mothership. I could bore you with the technological details but I'd rather just say that I'm happy to announce that we've flipped the switch on our High Impact Excel page, featuring our new Tech Editor-at-Large David Ringstrom, as well as a page dedicated to our webinar series.