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2009 Product Review: Payroll Relief by AccountantsWorld

Payroll Relief is a payroll software program designed for accountants to be able to offer payroll services to their clients. Created by AccountantsWorld, located in Hauppauge, New York, Payroll Relief is a compatible product with their Accounting Relief package. Serving accountants for over 20 years, AccountantsWorld is known for their Internet-savvy Web-based software solutions. Beginning to end, Payroll Relief is a program that allows accountants to offer the services of comprehensive payroll processing without the headaches of compliance.  It is a little bulky looking at first, with many options to choose from on the screen, but the organized fashion of presentation quickly brings it under control.

As a Web-based system, there is no problem accessing all of the client information from your office, the client’s office, or any remote location. Data entry can be handled differently for each client, from the client that gives you a piece of paper with data to enter all the way up to the client that handles all the entry on their own. The program is branded as YOUR service, so the clients experience this as your service. An employee portal allows employees to view or print their pay stubs on their own.
Dhananjay Agarwal, director of marketing for AccountantsWorld, said, “The main compliance headaches are doing all the paperwork, late filing, wrong calculations and penalties due to errors.  Payroll Relief processes all the tax liabilities automatically and accurately for payment on the due date. There are no payroll forms to fill in - because AccountantsWorld will electronically file the quarterly and yearly federal and state compliance forms. All of those tedious tasks and hassles associated with payroll processing are eliminated. Once the data is entered, the system does the rest automatically. And, we pay the penalties if the compliance errors are due our system. This is how we eliminate all compliance headaches and make payroll fast, easy and profitable again.”
Many clients would like to have their accounting firm supervise their payroll processing but many accounting firms would prefer to not have to deal with the headache. Payroll Relief helps the accountant build that stronger relationship of services to their clients and keeps the headaches out of the picture.
Right now there is a special offer going on for one full year of Payroll Relief at a flat fee of $997*. Otherwise it is a choice between a pay-per-payroll and a pay-per-paycheck option that can be as low as 50 cents per paycheck.
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