2009 Product Review: Insta-Pay Payroll Software by Cheque-Mate

Cheque-Mate, located in Conejo Valley of Southern California, has been developing payroll software since 1978. Insta-Pay was originally created as a DOS software package, and has been continually improving up through the current version, Insta-Pay for Windows Multi State software. In use by over 1,500 Payroll Service Providers for an estimated 40,000 businesses that range from 1-300 employees, it is a package designed by a company with a long history of being a payroll software service provider.  

Insta-Pay software is installed on your computer, but updates are accessed online. It can be run on one system or across a network for no extra charge. The package starts at $395 and price increases are based on the number of clients processed. 
The program has a standard Windows feel, with main menu and shortcut buttons across the top to make it easy to find what you are looking for. User security options allow control over which employees can access which company accounts. Payroll preferences can be set up both globally, for all companies, or for individual companies. Individual company setup is comprehensive and straightforward.
It is a powerful program that allows the employer to have multi-state employees and unlimited bank accounts for both the company and the employee. Job cost codes are easily allocated and recorded. Insta-Pay supports Quickbooks Export and Impound functions. Reports can be printed on Calendar or Fiscal Basis.
You can set up salaried employee accounts to automatically generate the check. After payroll information is entered for hourly employees, a message window will appear to ask if you would like to pay the automatic employees. The package also gives you the ability to track sick and vacation time, or to set up alternate pay frequency for individual employees. Individual or global (per company) messages can be printed on the payroll stubs.
The Insta-Pay package allows payroll processing to be under the control of the accountant but the maintenance and data entry can be done by the client, letting the clients do the work yet allowing the accountant to review the data and checks before the final button is pushed. The print file can be stored on your computer but the reports and checks can be e-mailed to the client.
According to Carl Bender, vice president of marketing for Cheque-Mate, “What makes Insta-Pay special is that it’s fast, it’s simple, and it’s complete.”

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