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Day 67: Arm Circles

Arm circles require little time, they’re easy, and you’ll reap great benefits when you do them regularly. The great thing about this arm exercise is that you get resistance exercise without equipment. Just the force of holding your arm muscles tight and firm as you circle creates resistance.
Step 1: Stand with your feet about shoulder-width apart.
Step 2: Stretch your arms out to your sides so that your body is in a T formation.
Step 3: Hold your arms stiff and push your muscles out tight, as if you were pushing against something. 
Step 4: Turn your palms face out, with your thumbs pointing upward.
Step 5: Make small circle motions backward with your arms fifteen to twenty times.
Step 6: Turn your palms in, point your thumbs down, and reverse to forward arm circles. Do fifteen to twenty times.
Step 7: Repeat the exercises making medium-sized circles, fifteen to twenty in each direction.
Step 8: Repeat the exercise making large circles, fifteen to twenty in each direction.
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