Day 64: Shoulder lifts, rolls, swings

Shoulder exercises are designed to relieve tension in the neck and shoulders. They're great for warming up before a round of golf or before getting ready to do more strenuous exercises. They're also excellent as a little get-away-from-work relief. No special equipment is needed. You can do these exercises sitting down or standing up. If you remain seated, pull your chair away from your desk so you have some room to swing your arms.
Step 1: Lift both shoulders up toward your ears while your arms are relaxed at your side.
Step 2: Let shoulders drop back to normal position.
Step 3: Repeat 10 times.
Step 1: Rotate both shoulders up and forward while your arms are relaxed at your side.
Step 2: Bring the shoulders around in a complete circle.
Step 3: Repeat 10 times.
Step 4: Rotate both shoulders backward in a complete circle.
Step 5: Repeat 10 times.
Step 1: Swing your right arm forward and all the way around in a giant circle.
Step 2: Repeat 10 times.
Step 3: Swing your right arm backward and all the way around in a giant circle.
Step 4: Repeat 10 times.
Step 5: Repeat above steps with your left arm.
Step 6: Swing both arms together forward in a giant circle.
Step 7: Repeat 10 times.
Step 8: Swing both arms together backward in a giant circle.
Step 9: Repeat 10 times.
See the complete library of Workplace Fitness exercises.

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