Day 64: From Distress to De-Stress

Every day, it's important to eliminate as much stress as possible. Here are some ideas for how you can de-stress during your workday.
Idea 1: Start the day off right. Listen to your favorite music during your commute. Try to choose music that is calming or listen to an audio book.
Idea 2: Leave the office to have lunch. If the weather is nice, brown-bag it and eat under a shade tree. Experience nature and your surroundings as if you were a child again ‒ it will help you keep things in perspective.
Idea 3: Take a short, slow-paced walk. You'll get some fresh air and some mild exercise. Eat a power bar as you walk for extra energy.
Idea 4: Go to a coffeehouse with a coworker whose company you enjoy. Talk about anything except work! 
Idea 5: Exercise in your company's workout room if one is available. 
Idea 6: Do some deep breathing. Take a slow breath in for five counts, hold for five counts, exhale for five counts, then hold for five counts. Repeat four to six times. You'll be amazed how quickly your stress melts away.
Idea 7: Laugh. Norman Cousins says, "Laughter is internal jogging." It's a wonderful stress reducer. Reader's Digest Laughs is a great website that offers some good chuckles. Then, gather your coworkers and spread the laughter around. 
Idea 8: Indulge yourself in a little bit of dark chocolate. Tryptophan, a chemical in dark chocolate, releases serotonin ‒ the "feel good" chemical ‒ in your brain.  
Finally: When you leave work, don't bring work home with you. Make your private time exactly that: your time.

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