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Day 46: Don't Neglect Your Feet!

It's easy to take your feet for granted until something goes wrong. There are about nineteen basic muscles in the feet, of which eighteen are attached to the toes. When you wear shoes most of the day, your feet can't move freely. When that happens, they can become weak and vulnerable. Like the rest of your body, your feet need exercise to stay in shape. So, take your shoes off and get started with these simple exercises!
Flex your toes
Step 1: With your feet flat on the floor, press your toes down into the floor. Don't let your toes curl or your ankles move during the exercise. 
Step 2: Hold for the count of three.
Step 3: Repeat ten times.
Spread your toes
Step 1: Place your feet flat on the floor.
Step 2: Spread your toes as far as they will go and then move them back together.
Step 3: Repeat ten times.  
Lift a pencil
Step 1: Put your feet flat on the floor and place a pencil horizontally in front of your feet.
Step 2: With your right foot, pick up the pencil with your toes.
Step 3: Hold for a count of six and do the same on the left foot.
Step 4: Repeat ten times on each foot.
Walk on your toes
Step 1: Walk around your office on the balls of your feet.
Step 2: Walk on balls of feet for fifteen to twenty seconds, then rest for twenty seconds. 
Step 3: Repeat eight to ten times. 
Walk on your heels
Step 1: Walk around your office on your heels.
Step 2: Walk for fifteen to twenty seconds then rest for twenty seconds.
Step 3: Do eight to ten sets. 


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