Day 29: Breathing exercises

Today we're going to delve into some deep breathing exercises instead of the usual muscle stretch and pull. Deep breathing can relax you, take away stress, clear your mind, help with your digestion, energize you, help relieve headaches, and just make you feel a little bit better about everything.
Deep breathing
Step 1: Sit up straight. No slouching allowed.
Step 2: Exhale. Yes, breathing exercises involve taking in air, but start by getting rid of all the bad stuff.
Step 3: Put your hands on your stomach. We're going to get to the breathing - first position your hands so you can feel yourself breathing.
Step 4: Close your mouth and breathe in as deeply as you can through your nose. Feel your stomach expand.
Step 5: Hold your breath for a count of 7.
Step 6: Exhale slowly through your mouth, feeling your stomach contract. Take twice as long to exhale as you took to inhale, exhaling all of the air you inhaled.
Repeat four times. You can work up to eight repetitions.
Bellows breathing
Step 1: Assume the position - sit up straight in your chair.
Step 2: Take a series of short breaths through your nose - inhale and exhale quickly.
Step 3: Try to take three in-and-out breaths per second.
Step 4: Feel the breathing in your diaphragm.
Repeat for 15 seconds - you can work up to one minute over time.
Combine these breathing exercises with your favorites from the past. See the complete library of Workplace Fitness exercises.

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