2009 Product Review: SurePayroll

SurePayroll, an online payroll service solution for companies with 1 to 100 employees, offers flexible, convenient, value-added-programs designed specifically for accounting firms, whether payroll service is a part of their regular business or they want to be the source of a referral.  

SurePayroll’s Reseller program offers the option of a private label payroll program to firms providing payroll services that can ensure a steady revenue stream. Firms that do not offer payroll services, but want to recommend a payroll provider as a client’s trusted adviser, may take advantage of SurePayroll’s Referral program. Accountants may also choose the Referral program for some clients and the Reseller program for others. 
When a client is already using SurePayroll, their accountant may view reports for free with the client’s permission, through SurePayroll’s secure portal, SureChoice.
SurePayroll guarantees that the client will never pay an IRS penalty for payroll tax filings if he has entered correct information (i.e. guarantees SurePayroll’s tax and withholding calculations). A unique feature of the service allows customers to run payroll whenever and wherever they want – even on their iPhone or Blackberry, as long as they can see an Internet connection.
For accountants that choose the Reseller program, payroll screens display the accounting firm’s logo. SurePayroll performs all steps in the payroll process, except for time entry, paying employees by direct deposit and notifying them of payment by e-mail, filing and depositing all payroll taxes (940s/941s), and providing online access to all reports and information. SurePayroll integrates with a long list of time clock partners. 
Depending on how an accounting firm wants to sell the service -- as their own payroll service or as an option with some outsourced functions which they manage -- accountants can do all of the onboarding themselves, with the help of some wizards, or SurePayroll will do it for them, says Francesca Zelasko of SurePayroll. 
Reseller program billing
Accountants who resell SurePayroll as their own service may mark up fees for their services as appropriate for each client or may choose to bill with a default mark up. SurePayroll generates invoices for the services. Accountants may change their billing information at any time.
Basic features
Users log into the SureChoice Hub which displays the firm name, where both referral and reseller clients are listed. Client functions including the client list, adding a new client, and a colleague referral form appear in a navigation bar on the left. Billing, Account information and Resources functions are also located on the navigation bar.  Reports for referral clients can be viewed from the SureChoice screen. 
When a reseller client is selected, a tabbed screen beginning with the Account Center appears.  A payroll overview and memos of reminders appear here, and from this screen users have access to key functions.  SurePayroll provides Payroll 101 a step-by-step guide to running the first payroll, on the Account Center page. Wizards assist in entering new hire information. Users may track their entries and correct mistakes easily by clicking on the back button.
On the Company tab, the client has the option to set up default pay rates. Banking information, and regular earning and deductions functions also appear on this page.
SurePayroll generates numerous payroll reports including cash requirements, new hire, deductions, year-to-date, worker’s compensation, as well as optional department reports, and annual and quarterly reports for 940, 941 W-2, 1099, W-3, and 1096. Reports may be exported to MS Excel and Adobe Acrobat.
Pricing is based on the frequency of payroll and the number of employees. For a bi-weekly payroll, SurePayroll charges $30.90 per payroll and $1.85 per employee. Accountants in the reseller program receive a 10 percent discount for the first four clients enrolled – $27.86 per payroll and $1.67 per employee. Pricing is discounted through tiers up to 25 percent for 25 or more clients, guaranteeing revenue to an accountant even if the accountant does not choose to mark up for services.

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