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2009 Product Review: QuickBooks Premier Accounting Payroll Software by Intuit

Intuit has a fairly long history of providing accounting solution software programs for both accountants and their clients. QuickBooks is one of their flagship products and an industry standard for small businesses. Intuit QuickBooks Payroll Services offers two ways to do payroll. Both start with you (or your client) inputting the paychecks but in the first option you track, prepare, and pay the payroll taxes and do the filings and in the other option you create the paychecks but Intuit handles the taxes and filings.

Assisted Payroll is the package for those who wish to have Intuit handle the taxes. It provides a “No Penalty Guarantee” that taxes will be paid on time and correctly. A payroll specialist helps you to set up the employees from the beginning. The cost is $60 per month plus $1 per check. It is not recommended for a business with over 150 employees.
Enhanced Payroll is for those who would like to prepare and pay their own payroll taxes. The tax tables are downloaded so the withholdings can be automatically calculated once the hours are entered. It has the capability to file and pay the taxes online. It handles payroll for up to 800 employees, a QuickBooks limitation. It is an affordable package,
1-3 employees $249 annually, 4 or more $349 annually. (This is active employees at a time, not a W-2 limitation)
According to Intuit, Enhanced Payroll for Accountants makes it easier for accountants to serve their clients in additional ways – by preparing Client-Ready reports. These reports help clients understand all the details of their payroll with seven pre-configured reports that print out on standard paper.
Either payroll software can be added on to any version that is QuickBooks 2007 or higher. QuickBooks Payroll can handle up to 3 EINs per payroll license. It is designed for the individual company to manage their payroll.
One of the nice things about the QuickBooks Payroll Service for QuickBooks users is that its format is the familiar format they are used to.
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