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2009 Product Review: PenSoft Payroll Accounting Edition by Peninsula Software

Peninsula Software of Virginia, Inc. is a private company founded in 1983. They are focused on providing payroll software solutions from data entry (in whatever format) to year end forms. The PenSoft Accounting Edition was first released in 2001, and is a comprehensive package that includes all of the features of the other packages as well as some additional ones.

PenSoft payroll processing software is designed to help small to mid-sized businesses process virtually all payroll and related tax requirements faster, easier, and more cost effectively. The Accounting Edition starts at $1,629 for new users, and is based on the number of employees (up to 50) of the largest client you will be using the package for. The fully expanded version, 501+ employees, costs $2,119 for the basic package. Currently, there is a discounted renewal rate available.
The PenSoft Accounting Edition includes tax tables for all 50 states and prints many of the state tax forms, prints both pre-printed and MICR checks, handles job costing, consolidated reporting, and even invoicing among its many features.
The Accounting Edition can be enhanced with the Remote Client option or the TimeOnline option:
Remote Client allows the client to enter data into PenSoft’s secure site which is then transmitted to the processor (accountant) at your convenience. With a cost of $.10 per payroll record at a minimum monthly fee of $10, it is very affordable. It is also secure, with the payroll processor having complete control over the use of the service. After your clients download and install the remote client application they are able to gain access to the secure Web site using their specific usernames and passwords. They can use this access to modify their organization’s employee list, enter time, and enter leave information. 
PenSoft’s TimeOnline is a time clock system ($2.00 per employee per month) that is accessible from any computer with Internet access, exporting the hours directly to the PenSoft Payroll program. It allows employees to view their schedule and time sheet data online.
Heidi Heretick, director of sales & marketing summed it up, saying, “PenSoft offers sophisticated, comprehensive payroll software for small to mid-sized businesses.  Users will find our software makes one of the most complex, time-consuming task employers face as simple as a few keystrokes.”
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