2009 Product Review: Payroll Mate by Real Business Solutions

Real Business Solutions was incorporated in Illinois and launched its first product: Sales Tax Mate in 2003. This was soon followed by the release of W2 Mate in 2004 and Payroll Mate in 2006. Payroll Mate payroll software is an affordable payroll program for small businesses, yet it is also powerful enough to be used by accounting firms to prepare payroll for their clients at the accountant’s office. Clients can call, fax, or e-mail their information in for accountant staff to enter.

It is a user friendly program with frequent wizard and help screens to guide you through the process. Adding additional employees, taxes, and other various deductions is a straight forward process.

The base package costs $99, supports 10 companies with up to 75 employees per company, and includes preparation of 941, 944, 940, W-2 and W-3 forms on preprinted forms. All of the most important functionality is included in the base package, making it an affordable on-site payroll solution for even the smallest clients.

Four option packages can be individually added to the base program:
·         Option 1, $25, adds the ability to have Payroll Mate software print government-approved substitutes for Forms W-2 (Copy A) and W-3 on plain white paper using a laser printer. 
·         Option 2, $35, adds the option to generate NACHA-formatted direct deposit files
·         Option 3, $100, increases the software capacity to support up to 100 companies and 1000 employees per company.
·         Option 4, $50, gives Payroll Mate the ability to print MICR checks on blank check stock.

Nancy Dweik, marketing manager of Real Business Solutions, Inc. said, “For as little as $99.00 a year small businesses and professionals alike have access to a stand-alone comprehensive payroll solution.”


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