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Staff commissions for bringing in new clients

Staff commissions

Hi everyone, first time posting. I ran a search on the site but didn't come up with relevant answers. 

Intersted to know if other firms out there have a methodology or policy for paying staff commissions on new clients. e.g. a one off payment or a recurring fee. What do you do when the client leaves etc.




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May 23rd 2017 21:07

That's a tricky one. I think re-occurring payments based on revenue from that client is fair. That way, the more lucrative the client, the more the incentive for staff.

It also means you are not paying out the same amount to the staff member who brings in a $5K client as you would the staff member who brings in a $50K client.

Finally, it means that the payments or monthly commission stops when employment stops - like their wage.

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