Are you experiencing long waits calling the IRS?

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Are you experiencing long waits calling the IRS?

I am still holding on a call to the Internal Revenue Service, even though I called (800) 829-0115 two hours ago. This telephone number is the one often included in notices from the Internal Revenue Service for overdue business taxes.

I had called Friday and held on the phone for over 90 minutes before realizing that perhaps no one was available because of the sequester. I had become accustomed to 30 minute waiting times when calling the IRS, but it appears that they have been increasing dramatically over the recent past.

Also the processing time of Form 1023, Application for Recognition of Exemption Under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, appears to have been increasing dramatically, too. Currently it is assigning applications received in April of 2012. Hello: is it not August of 2013 now?

Back in 1992, the Internal Revenue Service had in its employ 210,000 agents; the last time I checked several years ago, the number employed was approximately 190,000. There appears to be a serious problem involving staffing at the Internal Revenue Service, and it needs to be addressed.

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I totally agree. I thought it was just me, having this issue. I am currently on hold, and my phone is saying 130 minutes has passed. This is so unprofessional, especially dealing with taxes and IRS business related issues. Hope they rethink this Customer Service, and correct this big problem.

Yes, I was hold two hours yesterday and figured I fell out of line I even had the nerve to disconnect and recalled, stayed on hold about another hour until I had to leave for day. Today, I've been on hold 62 minutes thus far......what to do next ?? I'm ready to hear a different back ground song if nothing else

LOL! Those are my wife's sentiments exactly: the same jingle, over and over again, drives her completely nuts. If only it would allow you to select your hold music. Personally, I prefer the 1950s and 1960s oldies. Hey, I got one: "Hold on, I'm Coming", by Sam and Dave!

I've been trying to get through since lastl week. I experienced the same results last week and earlier this week - giving up each time. The past two days were even better - I entered all my information and they told me they were too busy to even put me on the line to wait and to call back another time! The timer is about to hit two hours as I am waiting now. This is amazing....

My experience with 800-829-0115 (IRS line for some business issues):
8/14/13 On hold for 1 hour 41 minutes. Had to hang up.
8/15/13 Recording told me the call volume was too high and hung up on me.
8/23/13 got a busy signal. Tried a few more times and one time got the "call volume too high" message and a couple of other tries resulted in hold times of over 30 minutes, and I couldn't wait that long.

Currently I am at 1:50 hrs waiting to speak to a representative and wondered if this was some type of record I could maybe put in for. So, I did a search and found this blog. I guess I will not hold any for that but at least I am on hold and waiting now. (Yesterday and this morning I kept getting a recording that they were too busy and try calling back later or tomorrow and then would disconnect. They just picked up 1:56!

I am at an have given me hope :)

I am at 56 minutes...
please continue to hold...

I called (800) 829-0115 and waited 45 minutes for someone to answer. The agent I spoke to gave me a fax number where I should fax my paperwork. The number I was given 215-516-1302 is a fax line not in service????? WOW!!

dammit im on hold right now! for the past 45 minutes after being told 20. this is ridiculous!!

Where could we log our complaints about the extremely long telephone wait times at the IRS? The IRS must take notice of this dissatisfaction and poor service to the taxpaying customers! Please!!

Yes, all have to wait whenever calls to IRS Offices .Thanks for the information you posted its really nice.

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im at 46 minutes.......

I am in the communication processing now after 1 hour and 41 minutes. I called around lunch time and the phone lost after 46 minutes' waiting. Today is 11/21/14

Clearly the Internal Revenue Service needs to examine their name and either remove the word service or re allocate resources. They have MORE than enough money in their budget, but insist on doing the maximum amount of damage to the service side every time they don't get their way with the budgeting process. It is past overdue for a change of attitude at the IRS and hopefully Congress will take the bull by the horns and direct the IRS to allocate sufficient parts of their budget to service. The situation is severe enough that I would suggest the following rule created by legislation with no ability of the IRS to create regulations regarding:
1) Identify (in practitioner notes not available or disclosable to the IRS) the client and matter that advice is needed, and the time of the call as well as the time to speak with a representative.
2) All interest and penalties are abated without requiring documentation other than a call log notation on a form created by the practitioner until an answer is received plus adequate time to properly follow the advice (I would suggest 90 days), as well as an automatic extension of time to file that particular form or return.
3) Payment to the practitioner for the time on hold at a rate not less than $100 per hour or more than $250 per hour any time the hold time exceeds 15 minutes (including the 15 minutes when that time is exceeded). This time would not include time required for the IRS representative to consult or do research provided that the answers are obtained in no more than 5 business days and delivered by the method of choice by the practitioner. (This payment would be available by direct deposit under the control of the practitioner and the IRS could not dispute the charges or the payment except to request a copy of the call log [absent any identification of the taxpayer involved].)
4) To ensure that the IRS devote sufficient attention to skilled and knowledgeable individuals to answer taxpayer and practitioner questions:
a) All answers are to be relied on, if the answer is wrong and results in an underpayment of tax that amount is considered to be correct and cannot be changed even under audit,
b) if the amount of tax is later determined to be higher than what was correct, the overpayment will be refunded with interest and a penalty of 100% of the overpaid (must be paid for the penalty to apply) amount (all payable to the taxpayer within 14 days of the determination).

We are in a situation where the tax code has become complicated beyond any reasonable level. Yes, Congress holds a great deal of the blame, but the enforcement agency has to bear some responsibility for failing to alleviate the compliance burden by actually having the necessary resources devoted to answering the phones.

When I have had a software vendor that failing in the service side (like the IRS has by having long wait times to speak with a technician) I made choices to change to other software. We don't have that choice when it comes to the IRS. That means that Congress has to stand up and demand the "service" provide the service.

I would also suggest that the metrics that the IRS should be expected to meet regarding phone service are that all (100%) of calls be referred to a competent representative within 5 minutes of the call be initiated by the caller and that 100% of the answers be correct. (While this may not be possible it should be the goal.) When this metric is not met, the budget for the IRS should be reallocated to more for phone service and less for other parts of the operation. The point is that the demand and expectation that the IRS provide "customer" service has to be enforced and made a priority.

Yesterday the wait time was 1 hour for the first agent. They did not have access to the information and had to transfer me. The projected wait time was "greater than 60 minutes." The total wait time was over 3 hours! When the agent got snippy with me I told her I had already waited 3 hours and she curtly informed me that it would get worse in the coming weeks. It looks like I am going to have to schedule a day in the office and get on the phone at 7:30 AM to make my IRS call each week.

The IRS has chosen the highest profile items to impact so that they can blackmail congress into reinstating their budget.
1). Longer call wait times (if they even let you get that far with the "due to extremely high call volumes we cannot take your call, please call back later" message).
2). Delayed response to correspondence (the famous we need more time to research this matter letters will increase in volume). Oh, more postage paid to the USPS!
3). Delaying refunds.
4). Eliminating agents in US Embassy offices forcing taxpayers overseas to experience the phone delays.
5). Taxpayer advocate will only take hardship cases if the taxpayer is about to lose their house or business due to the agency's unwillingness to cooperate with the taxpayer / practitioner in resolving the tax liability.
6). Furlough day(s)! How is that going to help? Delaying responses, delaying work, another day practitioners cannot call an agent, and I am sure the agents enjoy a day off without pay!

When faced with reduced income, I and my clients find ways to cut expenses, reduce processing times, become more frugal, all while continuing to provide the same quality of service. The IRS is doing the opposite by reducing services first.

It gets worse ... it's now 2015 and I've tried to call 800-829-0115 all day long. I have a FIRM deadline set by the IRS - I have to get through TODAY. I go through the phone tree every time, only to be told they are experiencing high call volumes and to try my call later. GRRR!

I have received a letter stating that I still owe money, even though I have paid over the internet months ago.
I don't understand, why can they check that I have made the payment. I didn't send by mail. I've paid online.
How come they haven't got those payments? My Social security number is correct.
I've called 4 months ago and I was told everything was ok. I wait about 90 minutes. Today I am here still waiting for over 2:37 minutes. This is outrageous!
It's my day off and here I am trying to speak with representative....
What do they do with with all the money we pay in taxes? How about hiring more people to work, so things can be solved efficiently and lack of miscommunication