Something to Think About When You Get a LinkedIn Connection Request From Someone You Don't Know

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Just read a very good article one of my connections posted to LinkedIn called Do You Make This Profile Damaging Mistake on LinkedIn?

The gist: there are lots of fake profiles out there. Don't weaken your own credibility by connecting to them.

Well worth reading.


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Another great post and thanks for the article. I wanted to point you and other readers to a posting that just went up yesterday on View From My Shoes (, a blog by Kim Hogan @XCMkim about LinkedIn photos. Great reading.

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Kim rocks.

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Thanks, Joel (I kept writing Felix Ungar, confusing your name with someone else...LOL!). It is Joel, right, and not Felix?

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Thanks Bill. It is Joel.

True story: Growing while that show was on the air, I was constantly asked "Any relation to Felix?" In fact, that was what I was called in marching band. On TV they spelled it Unger, but in the movie it was Ungar (the good spelling).

Before that, the Red Wings had a player named Gary Unger, so I used to get asked about that. Think they traded him to St. Louis and that ended that.

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