AICPA Fail: Did You Get The Email For a Address?

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Opened up Outlook this morning to an email from AICPA titled "Claim your personal email address [email protected]; I'd paste it in but my skills are falling a little bit.

Here is the text:

Dear Joel,

Our email service has officially launched. And we are personally inviting you to be among the first AICPA members to claim your own individually-branded email address, such as [email protected].

Like most professionals, you probably already have a business email address where you work. Now you can have a secondary, professionally-branded email address for all your personal and professional needs. An individually-branded email address not only reinforces your professional designation, you can take it with you throughout your professional career. email addresses are available exclusively to AICPA members who are CPAs. Sign up online now – registration is quick and easy.

When you get to the website, you find out that the "Full email account" costs only$99.95 a year and a "Forward-only" account costs only $29.95 a year.

I don't have a problem at all with the AICPA selling products and making money. I have a big problem when they send out an email that essentially makes it sound like they are offering you something for free and then you find out it isn't.

Do you see anywhere in the text that this is going to cost you anything? I see that "registration is quick and easy" but nowhere anything about a fee.

Boo. This is a fail as far as I'm concerned. CPAs are viewed as ethical and honest and here our own association is doing a bait and switch.

Count me out on this one.


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Thanks so much for pointing this out. I agree that our message was unclear and want you to know that our future marketing efforts will be more transparent regarding pricing. Thanks again.

Greg LaFollette, CPA,CITP,CGMA
VP Product Strategy -- CPA2Biz

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Greg - thanks for your feedback. Like I said, I had no issue with the product, just the methods.

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I just received one from thanking me for signing up for some paid service. Within the source of the email, is a link to a Russian web site. Most likely will install a trojan on your PC. But, there are also links to

I know I didn't sign up for anything so, I had better not be getting any bills from you guys.

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Yikes. I'm just a volunteer blogger. But if something happens, let me know and I'll let the higher ups at AccountingWeb know about this.

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