Wearing Headphones at Work

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"I'm sorry, what? I didn't hear you – I had my headphones on." Does your workplace allow employees to listen to music while they work? Does music help you focus, or is it a distraction? Are others offended if you wear headphones, thinking you are being rude and uncommunicative? Where do you weigh in on this argument?


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I don't think it should affect how others have to operate if you choose to wear headphones. I think headphones are fine as long as the music is at a volume low enough for the person to hear when other people are addressing them.
Personally, I don't wear headphones; my workplace discourages music being played at desks, but does allow headphones. It is distracting to me and I feel like its rude to people coming to my office if I'm not able to hear them.

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We allow headphones because our staff accountants sit in cubicals and the environment can get a little noisy. So no one here is really bothered because we expect it. In my opinion headphones are not nearly as rude or distracting as sitting in front of a partner's desk with the television on the wall behind you still blaring away.

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Our company culture supports listening to headphones. I also do a fair amount of work outside the office. If someone sits next to me in public then I'll put on headphones so they don't awkwardly look at me like I'm eavesdropping on their conversation. Full confession: sometimes I turn off the music but leave the headphones on.

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Today’s working environment has changed drastically and has become more interesting and work friendly. So I thing employers should allow their employees to listen to music and work simultaneously…Find out headphones to listen to music in the work place.


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