Tagging Connections in LinkedIn

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Thanks to our blogger, Joel Ungar, we found out that you can group your LinkedIn connections using a new tagging feature which lets you group your contacts in whatever way makes sense to you. With the option of creating up to 200 tags, including giving more than one tag to a single contact, you have a lot of flexibility in terms of keeping track of who's who in your world.

Besides using tagging as an organization tool, you can send a message to a tagged group, which you might find handy. Find the tags when you go to your connections page. Click a connection to assign a tag. For seasoned LinkedIn users who have surpassed the ubiquitous 500+ connections, there's going to be some up-front time required to tag (and remember) existing connections. Sounds like a good chore to do on the laptop or the tablet during Saturday night movie commercial breaks.


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I like this one! Thanks Gail.

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This is so powerful and something I did not know. Thanks for the tip.

Helen Rosen

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This is a great feature but it's kind of annoying that they automatically added some tags that are incorrect. Also, i dont see how to "edit" existing tags ie: to caps the first letter or to, say, change "partner" to "client."

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