It's 10/15 - You Can Sleep Well Tonight

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For those of you who are fighting to beat the clock for tonight's tax extension filing deadline, keep in mind a few key points: 1) Friends in California have three extra hours for e-filing tax returns than people in the Eastern time zone; 2) As you drift off to sleep tonight, start thinking about how you can better manage not just your own time but your clients' time, so that you aren't working up to the last minute again when the spring filing deadlines come around; and 3) There is a silver lining associated with having a lousy economy.

Recent research conducted with 3,000 entrepreneurs shows that, while more than a third of entrepreneurs are dealing with stress and sleeplessness, most are optimistic and determined to succeed.


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Sorry, but in the midst of dealing with last minute procrastinating clients that I have been nagging since July to get their information to me, I don't appreciate being told I should start thinking about how to better manage my time and my clients. I CAN and do manage my time. I CAN and do send gentle reminders all summer long. I CAN and do start sending stronger reminders and more reminders in September, into October. I CAN and do what I can. I refuse to be guilted into thinking I am responsible for their procrastination. Especially in the middle of the second most hectic and stressful day of my year. You are an editor and DO NOT have to deal with my reality so don't try to tell me I could do more.

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Oops, I just saw you were a former seniot tax accountant with a BIG Four firm. I am a mere sole practitioner. So sorry. You have the credentials, but the one thing a larger firm partner told me last week was say no. Don't take the return that came in Friday. Don't take the two that came in Saturday. And certainly return the one that was waiting on the floor Sunday. And that is the one thing I am not willing to do to my clients, yet.

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You left out the ERISA auditors - we just pushed about 80 audits out the door in 2 weeks. Exhausted.

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