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When I speak to accountants about improving their visibility on the Internet, I often begin with a discussion on making their websites more attractive to search engines. One of my favorite tips for accountants is to do a search for the terms you would use to describe your own website, including the geographic location. So, if you're based in St. Louis and specialize in tax preparation, search "St. Louis tax preparation," or "St. Louis tax CPA," or "St. Louis efile tax" – whatever you think best describes your practice. That's the first step.

Next, see where your firm's website ranks and note that information. Now, take a look at the firms that are coming up high in the search – the firms that appear on the first couple of pages of the search results. Examine those websites and try to determine what they’re doing that gets them to the top of the rankings. Maybe they present links to the latest news items that might interest their clients. Maybe they have downloadable tools for visitors, such as tax organizers or year-end planning checklists. Maybe they offer whitepapers or opportunities to send questions to members of the firm. These are the types of things that generate traffic and keep the site looking busy to the search engines.


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Interesting blog article! I'd also suggest that when conducting keyword research, that practice owners use Google's Keyword tool. This tool will not only provide search volumes for the keywords you enter into it, but will also come up with suggestions. It's free to use and is a great starting point when determining what keywords you should be targeting.

Exactly. When I'm going after the competition in a niche, I study the competition. The aim is to produce a product with the same options and then some. Learn from the competitors so you can day crush them. :)

The websites that on the first pages in most cases doing SEO,(Search Engine Optimization), they build links to their website from authority places and optimizing their onsite including: text, title tags, alt, and more.

That's right. You can convince your viewers that you are reputable by having a good content of your website. Content is king. It's important that everyone must know that.

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