Facing Our Student Loan Debt Crisis

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College grads have it tough these days. Not only are jobs hard to find, but most grads have to worry about paying off their student loans, which is hard to do without a job. To make matters worse, many have to deal with credit card debt they amassed during college. And, unfortunately, that debt increases when they resort to their credit cards after graduation to cover their living expenses.

Perhaps we should take steps before students enter college rather than trying to deal with the aftermath of debt post-graduation. For example, what if we trained high school counselors to give students solid advice about what college majors lead to employment. Currently, the country has a great need in the areas of science, math, and engineering. So instead of telling students to "follow their passion," counselors and parents could be steering them in a direction that will result in better career opportunities.


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I agree with you.  However, people need to accountable for their own actions/decisions.  As such, they also need to take responsibility for their debt! 

I'm not against helping people.  However, times are tough for everyone and I don't think that it is the responsibility of the government to fund an individual's financial problems.

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I agree with you. I read some article where this lady's son generated tons of student loan debt. She assumed that the university would have said something if a student accumulated too much debt. I do not agree with her attitude. It is not the university's job to babysit the young adults who are usually above the age of 18. It is the universities' job to educate not to take over parenting.

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I attended college 40 years ago and had my share of loans. You can say that the few thousands I owed then are nothing compared with the debt incurred today. However, when I graduated (the first time) with my English/History double major I found my job market fell into the realm or the Restaurant industry.. I still had to pay the loans even on a Busboy's wages. I went back to school incurred more debt, worked full time while in school and earned a degree in Accounting. It still took six months at that time to get a job. But, I got a job.

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I was a dull and practical person. I asked my ma when I was in 7th grade to look up which fields will be hot by the time I get out of college. She told me engineering and accounting will have lots of jobs by the time I graduate from college. So I took accounting. I actually like accounting. When I got to college, the university media was complaining that people were taking college course to make money, not to follow passion or to help poor people. The universities want to be loftier than vocational schools. I felt like saying, so what? You need money to pay back school loans. Parents are less lofty than universities. The first thing they say upon graduation is, when are you going to find a job? I do not think government should pay for people's student loans - passion or no passion.

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That is really helpful

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