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Tax Research: What do you use?

Thomson Reuters Checkpoint seems to be the industry leader. Are you a user? Are you satisfied with it? Do you know of other solutions? I'm curious about what's out there and what are readers are using.


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Thomson Reuters checkpoint is an excellent service that integrates auditing and accounting, tax, and other content into a single offering interfacing well with the software offerings from Microsoft Office and Thomson Reuter. However it seems to be more costly than other and It does not offer mobile apps with the full Checkpoint content.

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If the issue is striaghtforward then most people start with either Quickfinder, Master Tax Guide or The Tax Book. The next level involves going to a TR book such as the PPC series. Finally people take a look at the Thomson/ RIA (which I prefer) or CCH online research service. Finally, if you need to dig deep into research details on a topic then people pull out of the BNA portfolios.

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