Getting Used to Windows 8.1

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I'm a PC user going back to the days of DOS and monochrome monitors. I've used every version of Windows since. But I confess I'm finding Windows 8.1 not as logically organized as older versions. Too many bells and whistles. Anyone else agree with me? Or do I just not get it?


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You are not alone! Did you apply update 1! This update will boot directly to the desktop on a desktop or laptop instead of the Start screen. A coming soon update will also bring back a start menu.

Even with these changes our firm will not be moving from Windows 7 any time soon.

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Thanks--I do have that, but like you, I'd be just as happy with Windows 7.

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For some reason Microsoft seems to be on a cycle of driving every other version of their operating systems into the ditch:

• Windows XP: Thumbs up!
• Windows Vista: Thumbs down
• Windows 7: Thumbs up
• Windows 8: Two thumbs down

Based on the pattern, there's significant hope for Windows 9.

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It seems like everyone gets irritated when things change. Windows 8 seemed like an attempt to sell the concept of touchscreen computers better. I think it still flows very well with a mouse, and I especially like the new search. I find that on my system it runs much faster than Windows 7 did. One thing that I love about Windows is how customizable it is. Out of the box, I don't like the workflow of 7 or 8, but after I enable QuickLaunch and the running application tabs, I'm right back in business. My computer resembles the layout of XP, but it has the added benefits of Windows 8 (you can rearrange the running application tabs, you can quick peek the running applications tabs, it runs great).

Now to me, one of the BEST things that started with Windows 7 is the image backup. You can take a complete snapshot of your computer and store it! When your hard drive tanks, it takes about 20 minutes to be exactly where you were... icons, files, settings, email accounts... exactly like it was at your last backup. No more installing software. No more configuring email accounts. No more going through settings over and over.

I also absolutely love having native virus protection (Defender). Of course, they still ship PCs with cumbersome pay-as-you-go virus software, but now I just uninstall all of that and let Windows handle security on its own. You don't even have to see it running, it's fast and doesn't burden your system, it's free, and it's maintained just as good (if not better) than third-party software.

I think that Microsoft is doing a fantastic job with their OS, and I'm a web developer, so my machine is very important to my life.

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