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Excel Puzzler: MAXIF without an Array Function

I recently wrote an article on Creating Excel's Equivalent of MAXIF, in which I used an array formula to find the largest value from a list based on a given criteria. Reader Rob Brebbia read the first paragraph or two of my article, and set out to see if he could find a solution on his own. His research led him to a worksheet function in Excel that he and I had both forgotten about but that does allow you to carry out a "MAXIF" without using an array function. In homage to NPR's Car Talk, we present our first Excel Puzzler. Can you name the worksheet function that Rob found?


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A2:A4= column with independent variables including "Joe"
B2:B4= column with dependent values including those for joe

With thanks to V_Agarwal ( )

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Thanks for participating! The answer that Rob Brebbia proposed (and that I concur with) is DMAX, as documented here:


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