Display Times as Hours/Minutes in Excel

How to convert time values into hours/minutes in Excel
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Working with time values in Excel often gives users fits. This is because Excel stores times as a decimal portion of a day. Thus 12 hours is the same as 0.5. Three and a half-hours is represented as 0.145833333333333. Understanding this decimal concept along with Excel’s time-based number formats will help you whip time-based values into shape.

Let’s first say that you have the value 181 in a worksheet cell, and you wish to show this as 3:01 for 3 hours and one minute. To do so, we’ll need to divide 181 by 1440 to convert 181 minutes to its decimal equivalent: 1440 is derived from 24 hours in a day, and 60 minutes per hour, thus 24*60=1440. As shown in Figure 1, 181 divided by 1440 is 0.12569.

Figure 1: Convert minutes into their decimal format by dividing by 1440 and then applying a custom number format.

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By Martin
Jun 26th 2015 01:12

Excel-lent, thank you - sorry just had to throw that in ;-)

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By Mayur Patel
Jun 26th 2015 01:12

Thank you, you are the life saver.

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By Cbhihe
Sep 29th 2015 10:32

Very well, but what happens when you deal with hourly amounts greater than 24 ?

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