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Trailblazer Brains on Fire: Interview on Trashing Timesheets

On May 22, I-along with my father-had the pleasure of visiting Trailblazer Brains on Fire in Greenville, South Carolina.

This is an amazing agency, which as of January 1st of this year trashed its timesheets. This initiative was pushed through by Kathie Conway, Keeper of the Cash, and Brandy Amidon, Princess of Particulars.

They were able to achieve this after reading the Journal of Accountancy Firm of the Future article from November, 2008, along with The Firm of the Future book.

Very few firms that we know of have been able to accomplish this feat without at least attending a seminar, or hiring consulting help.

After a great lunch, we sat down for an interview on trashing timesheeets. Some of the questions came from people who follow @BrainsOnFire on Twitter, and some were from Cathy and Brandy.

You can listen to the two-part interview on the Brains on Fire blog.

Thank you Cathy, Brandy, and the rest of the team at Brains on Fire—you are true pioneers and it was an honor to meet you. I'm only sorry I didn't get to meet Mud.

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