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Archiving Old Data to Increase Productivity

By Ryan Williams, - Over time workstation and server hard drives become littered with old files that are no longer useful. Often companies do not want to delete these files for fear they will need them in the future. Perhaps you should consider archiving the old files to another drive. Software can move old files and duplicate the exact directory structure on the new hard drive so the files can be easily found if they are needed later. Cleaning up your old files in this way should produce an increase in productivity because your employees will not have to sift through old unused files every day when looking for the files they need. Just Google “file archiving” and you’ll find a number of software applications that can help with the process.

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by Ryan Williams - Ryan is a business technology consultant living in Southern Georgia. He is Partner and Chief Technology Officer at Nexxtep Technology Services, Inc., the largest technology service provider in the South Georgia region.

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