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You Deserve Some Free CPE

Looking for free CPE? You’re in luck. CPE Link is always looking for volunteers to pilot test its new self-study materials.

Per NASBA requirements, in order to determine the recommended CPE hours for a new self-study course, it must be tested to measure the average completion time. There is only one requirement for participating as a pilot tester: you must be a licensed CPA.  The benefits to the pilot volunteer are great. You get instant access to the materials and there is no cost to you.
Of course, in order to earn CPE credit, you must pass the final exam and submit the required information to evaluate the course. You will submit your resume, attest to your level of knowledge or expertise in the subject matter and the number of hours it takes you to complete the course.
One caution: Don’t volunteer to be a pilot tester if you’re on a tight CPE reporting deadline. Because we need to wait until everyone has completed the final exam, we cannot guarantee the timing of the posting of your CPE credit. When the pilot process is complete, the number of CPE credit hours will be determined. You will be notified when the pilot process is complete and you will receive your certificate of completion at that time.
At the time of this posting, there are about a dozen titles available in CPE Link's pilot program. Get your free CPE today. You deserve it!

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by Sue Anderson - Based on 30 years of experience in continuing education for accountants. Currently program director for online CPE provider, CPE Link. Formerly with the California CPA Education Foundation managing key operational areas including marketing, program development, and distance learning.

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