A recent column by Peggy Noonan sure grabbed my attention.  Did you hear or read about the Jet Blue Flight Attendant escapade?

The story notes that once we were a great industrial economy. Now we are a service economy.  That means we have to interact with each other, every day, in person and by phone and email.  And, per Noonan, it's making us all a little mad.

Here's an excerpt:  At the same time we were shifting, in the past 30 years, to the more personal economy of service, we were witnessing and took part in a revolution in manners.  We tore them down as too fancy, or sexist, or ageist, or revealing of class biases.  Just when we needed more than ever the formality and agreed-upon rules of manners to act as guard rails, we threw them aside.  And now no one knows how to act anymore.

Read the full article, I think you'll find it interesting.  As CPAs you are certainly in a service business AND I happen to know that experienced CPAs have excellent manners.  Are you instilling them in your youngest accountants?  

Many accounting programs at universities are actually teaching their business majors the art of fine dining, the proper way to shake hands and how to make introductions. Many accounting firms are doing the same.  Have you considered it at your firm?  It can actually be a great learning experience and you can have a lot of fun in the process.

"Rudeness is the weak man's imitation of strength." - - Eric Hoffer

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