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London Goes Cycle MAD!

Last Sunday, September 5 saw the second annual Sky Ride with 85,000 cyclists taking to the streets of London knowing it would be clear of traffic.

This 16km route is part of the new initiatives backed by London Mayor, Boris Johnson.  Boris is very pro-cycle and this is certainly a great way for locals and indeed out-of towners to experience London in a traffic-calmed environment. The Sky Ride also happens in other main cities throughout the UK.

Cycle Hire in England’s capital kicked off earlier this year in London with Barclays Bank as the main sponsor. A number of drop off/collection areas have been setup throughout the capital, and the fees for this are very low!

I was recently walking through Green Park by The Ritz Hotel in London, and saw many people taking advantage of this initiative. The bikes are in the Barclays Bank colours of blue & white and branding as you would expect.  

When you take out your bike, you check brakes, saddle, lights etc, and go on your way! With up to 30 minutes free and only a £1 access fee for the first 24-hour period this is a very cheap and effective way to get about or commute to and from work.

Overall, a great way to see so many of the sites the capital has to offer!


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