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A blatant attempt at poaching

I'm wondering how you would react to this poaching email, addressed to one of our members of the team.  (A copy of all messages is kept in the AllEmail folder, accessible to all members of staff)

It read:
“My apologies for the email approach, but I have found from experience that this is usually preferable to an awkward conversation at your desk.
To the point – I am a freelance consultant currently retained by a Big 4 Firm looking to recruit a Part Qualified Accountant into their Reading Office, and I wondered if you would care to have a conversation one evening regarding this opportunity.?
Package is fully negotiable (including typical Big 4 benefits) and my client guarantees that the successful candidate can be sure of increasing their current remuneration by a significant amount.
If you are interested in finding out more, feel free to drop me an email with a suitable contact number and time and I’ll call you.”
Recruiters name and contact phone numbers were then given.
While I’m all for building a career (in recruitment or any other field) – there is plenty of work for all, this seems a rather a provocative way of doing so.
What are your comments and thoughts.
Would you respond at all to such an email to a part qualified member of your team?

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