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Women of Influence

There may have been a time, or maybe that time is now, when you come across someone whose personal story inspires you, or changes your outlook.

Commerce and Industry of New Jersey (CIANJ) hosts a Women of Influence series about four times a year.  The panel of speakers consists of four women who share their personal stories of how they broke through those glass ceilings and achieved success in their careers.  Moderated by Sally Glick, our very own Bloggers Crew member and a woman of influence in her own right, the setting is very relaxed.  Imagine five friends gathered together, having coffee, laughing and sharing their stories.

These women of influence tell their tales of courage, perseverance, overcoming obstacles and quite simply how they got to where they are today.  One underlying theme to all these stories has been resoundingly clear - these women had a mentor at some point in their career.

Listening to their stories is truly inspirational, both from mentee, as well as mentor perspectives.  As a mentor, the knowledge that you can impart on an up and coming young professional is tremendous.  The knowledge the mentee can gain is priceless.  A win-win for both parties.

Although the audience is made up of mostly women, there have been some men peppered into the mix.  Whether female or male, who doesn't like to listen to inspiration and great outcomes?

What's your story?

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