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Big Brother Is Watching

Excuse me for one moment, please, while I update my status on Facebook, tweet my latest thought, check out what's going down on LinkedIn, and surf the net for a bit.  That was fun!  Caught up on everyone's comings and goings.  Hey wait a minute.....ooohhhhh I see something.........  oh boy...........

Our social media accounts define who we are to our friends, family etc.  Want to make a good impression when meeting someone face to face?  This applies to social media as well.  Be careful what is posted and how things are said.  It's realy quite simple:

Don't post things that may give people the wrong impression of you.  Because once you do, it's very difficult to erase those perceptions from people's minds.  You need to be conscious of what is being put out there on the Web, or you're going to have trouble, especially in today's workplace.

Not only can employers do a search for you, anything that you write is liable to show up somewhere, in some way shape or form.  Always think twice about posting anything nasty, or bashing may come back and bite you in the a$$.

Keep it clean, keep it simple.  Need to vent?  Don't do it via the web.  You never know who's watching.



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