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Blogging: Phase 2

I'll admit, I've been remiss in posting lately.  You can certainly see how long it has been since my last blog post.  My reason is a good one, I'm with a different firm in a new role, COO vs. CIO.  Now, I'm focusing on all areas of practice management, not just technology.  Believe me, I love technology, but I'm also passionate about recruiting and other areas of CPA firm practice management.  This new role will allow me to work in all the areas that I enjoy.

This change will certainly give me more wise spending topics to write about, not just technology.  You see, saving money is in my blood.  Thanks mom, for teaching me that.  It goes a long way in life....and with that, so will your dollars!

So, while the accountants are busy this tax season getting tax returns, audit reports etc. out the door, I'll be working on initiatives at the firm toward the goal of greater efficiency and effectiveness for all of us.  I look forward to sharing (and receiving from readers) how we can make this profession better.

It's good to be back...

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Jim Fahey is COO of Apple Growth Partners, a regional CPA firm in Ohio. His focus is on the effective and efficient use of technology within the firm by all team members.  He is also in charge of talent management and retention at his firm.  A background of IT and Human Resources helps Jim bridge the gap of technology complexities with end users who just want their computer to work so they can be chargeable.  Being a very cheap (frugal sounds better) person himself, he is always looking for ways to save dollars at his firm.  He is Director of Education for the Association for Accounting Administration and past Technology Committee member of the Ohio Society of CPA's.  He often leads industry CPE events on the topics of Information Technology, CPA firm practice management and human resources/recruiting. Find out more about Jim on LinkedIn.

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