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Squeeze in a Little Marketing by Taking a Vacation...

Received a forwarded article today from pal Rob Nance of AccountingWEB fame. So good, I thought I'd share it with you. It's from Amex Open Forum and it's entitled "6 Things to Think About on Your Summer Vacation" by Jane Applegate.

It is somewhat marketing related...
#1 on Jane's list is "Stop working with anyone that gives you a headache or stomachache" 
My take: this applies to clients AND employees. Bummer customers suck you dry. Bummer employees suck everyone in your organization dry (one rotten apple spoils the barrel) AND they don't represent you well externally, either.
#2 is "Admit that everything takes three times as long and costs twice as much."
My take: this pertains to the expectation setting you should do when committing to work, the pricing you give to your customer, and meeting delivery terms.
#3 is "Don't operate your business in a vaccuum." 
My take: pay attention to what others (your competitors, yes, but also companies you aspire to emulate from a service and impression standpoint) say and do.
#4 is "Put yourself first at least one hour a day."
My take: you cannot be a "great" thinker and service provider when you are are operating on an empty tank. In order to have the energy to innovate and solve problems for people, you need to recharge.
#5 is "Keep your sense of humor."
My take: if you are too serious, you're probably not that fun to be around. Lighten up by looking at the brighter, or funnier, side of things more often.
#6 is "Cut the email and phone tether."
My take: not only do we need a mental break from being constantly accessible, but technology can render us less effective than we otherwise would be because we underestimate the affect of 24/7 intrusion on our time and thinking. The distraction often disrupts our ability to get done what we promise. See #2.
Enjoy the read and wish me luck because I definitely need to apply this advice too!

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