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The Accounting Profession, a Good Choice?

By Dave Burt, CPA -

Dear Seth,

The accounting profession has never been better as a career choice. With Sarbanes and the IASB and, they say, 80% of the members of the AICPA retiring within 10 years---hey, we could, getting older each day--things haven’t looked rosier for the profession since green eye shades and black sleeve garters faded into history. I just talked to my contact at Robert Half International and they are still placing accountants at places like new home builders! Imagine that? Accountants may not have the high profile exposure of indigent super drunks flashing across the screen at your local bijou, but we’ll always eat. And eat well, mind you.

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by Dave Burt, CPA - Dave has held accounting management positions in both public accounting and private industry for such companies as Coldwell Banker and Maytag.

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