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New Office Accounting Blog from John Thuneby

By Brian Tankersley - I got an e-mail this morning that one of my favorite Microsofties, John Thuneby, has started a MSDN Blog related to Office Accounting.  The blog is at  John has a brilliant mind, and has been an integral part of the Office Accounting team from the beginning.

One of the things which has always excited me about OA is the ability to natively create links to and from Microsoft SQL Server directly from Excel or Access without having to have a third party ODBC driver.  John's post from yesterday (at describes how to create a query straight off of MS SQL and put the data into Excel.  Very interesting stuff....

I hope you will join me in following John's blog, and I know he will have many good tips in the coming weeks.

Brian Tankersley is a CPA and CITP, and is an associate with K2 Enterprises. You can contact Brian by sending e-mail to brian at k2e dot com.

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