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Issue with QuickBooks 2008 (or Lacerte or Proseries Tax) Not Starting

Note: This document was forwarded from Intuit Support to the QuickBooks Rapid Response Team. Any questions or concerns on this should be addressed to Intuit QuickBooks Support. - Brian


If you're affected by this problem, when you launch QuickBooks you may see the QuickBooks Splash Screen for a second or two, but the software doesn't open. Or, you may see an error message referring to the Web Connector failing to initialize, and the software won't run.

This problem may also be affecting Lacerte and Pro Series software (not a good week for that to happen). This could also cause a problem for users who are trying to install QuickBooks on a computer that received this Windows update.

Do NOT uninstall and reinstall QuickBooks (and disregard any advice from a technical support person to uninstall and reinstall). This is not a QuickBooks file problem that requires reinstallation to cure.

The problem is a .NET 2.0 problem arising from this latest Windows Update. Microsoft moved this .NET 2.0 Service Pack 1 into the “high priority and critical” section of Microsoft updates. This means that more people updated than would have if it had remained lower in the priority sections.

If you're running QuickBooks 2008 on Windows XP, you can uninstall and reinstall .NET 2.0. If you're running QuickBooks 2008 on Windows Vista, you cannot uninstall and reinstall .NET 2.0, but you can fix it.

Step by step instructions on replacing or repairing .NET 2.0 for Windows XP and Windows Vista are available at the following URL:

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