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Marketing idea for tax accountants

By Gail Perry, CPA - I read an article today about a tax preparer who offers group discounts on tax prep service to employees of certain companies, and I thought, "What a great idea!" For just a small amount of marketing, a tax preparer can greatly increase his client list. In these penny-pinching times, companies will welcome the opportunity to give their employees a benefit that the employer doesn't have to pay for. By marketing to the employer instead of the entire group of employees, a tax preparer can focus marketing efforts on one person or decision-making group, and provide a service to many employees at once.

Put together a brief telephone presentation as well as presentation to give when you meet in person, produce a nice-looking brochure that can be passed out to all employees describing your tax prep services, and make some appointments. Offer a percentage off the total fee for all employees of the company. They'll be easy to identify when they come to your office because they'll all have W-2s from the employer offering your program.

It's a win-win-win: The tax preparer gets more clients, the employer can provide a benefit at no cost, and the employees get a reduced price on their tax preparation.

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