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What Is Your Message to Business Owners?

I was at a meeting recently where the speaker gave this advice regarding the process of business development: "Sell to their needs." This simple and yet profound advice is appropriate for any situation where you are trying to make a connection.  When talking to existing clients or new prospects, your first responsibility is to understand what they need. It is only then that you can offer relevant advice and suggestions or solutions. Too often we overlook the importance of understanding "need" as we are so anxious to begin  selling or promoting our firm's capabilities and services, based on what we do, regardless of whether or not what we offer is criical to the listener. The old adage is that we have two ears and one mouth so we should spend twice as much time listening as we do speaking, If that istrue - listen carefully, Hear their needs, and then address to their needs! 

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Sally Glick, CMO, Principal, Marketer of the Year in 2003 and AAM Hall of Famer in 2007, will lead a lively discussion of the constantly expanding roles of marketing and the professional marketers that drive this initiative in accounting firms of all sizes.

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