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Using Public Relations to Your Advantage

As the new year begins, and with it exciting new opportunities and changes in the business and accounting areas, you can leverage your knowledge by sharing it with key contacts in your local press.  Business journalists are always looking for the next good story, such as information to share - including industry trends - that impact their readers.  Sharing your insights and analysis wil help you build a trusted relationship with the media and increase the opportunity for your firm to be highlighted and quoted as experts.

This seems like a 'no brainer' but I notice that it is an area often overlooked by firms. It is free - as opposed to a costly ad caompaig - abd it helps your firm's credibility and reputation.  Most journalists have their contact information in the paper, as they want you to be able to reach them easily. Think about including PR as a critical component in your marketing plan.  This is one tactic that a firm of any size can utilize!

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Sally Glick, CMO, Principal, Marketer of the Year in 2003 and AAM Hall of Famer in 2007, will lead a lively discussion of the constantly expanding roles of marketing and the professional marketers that drive this initiative in accounting firms of all sizes.

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