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Getting Great Ideas at AAM

I usually use this blog to share marketing ideas with all of you - whether in small or mid-size firms - which I hope you are finding valuable and relevant. Today I would like to take the liberty of using this space to remind you of  the upcoming Summit for the Association of Accounting Marketing. This annual conference, held in June, is the only program completely devoted to providing accounting firms with resources, education, and networking targeted to marketing communications and business development.

Firms with marketers should be participating as should those without marketers! It is the BEST place to get great ideas, learn about innovative approaches used by other firms, and be exposed to some of the best presenters in our profession. As one of the tri-chairs for this event this year, I am delighted to have the chance to make this shameless pitch and alert you all that AAM is a "must attend" event.

If you have any quetsions, please do not hesitate to e-mail me at

Since you have patiently listened  to this 'commercial'  here's your marketing tip of the day: stay consistent. Think about what you have done well to build you brand and keep doing it.  It is so frustrating when I hear partners say: "We used to do that, and it always worked so well!"  Some initiatives need to be 'retired' over the course of time, but if you have a strategy that is effective, don't let it die for lack of energy- instead assign it to someone else who might give it a new twist or approach it from a different perspective. Consistency is one of the most difficult things to achieve, yet it almost always pays off!

I hope to see you in Washington, D.C. this June at the AAM Conference.

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Sally Glick, CMO, Principal, Marketer of the Year in 2003 and AAM Hall of Famer in 2007, will lead a lively discussion of the constantly expanding roles of marketing and the professional marketers that drive this initiative in accounting firms of all sizes.

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