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Get Going on Your Great Ideas!

I was at a business association meeting recently where the guest speaker, a CEO of a public company, commented, "Strategy is nice, but taking action is even better."  His bold words got me to thinking. Too often we get caught up in the 'strategic plan' and  never get beyond the effort of thinking strategically at the 30,000 foot level in order to actually implement any of our great initiatives.

While I am in no way saying that you should work without some sort of a plan that ensures you stay targted and focused in order to be efficient and effective.  However, what I am saying, as I echo this successful CEO's words, is that you want to do your best not to become so entangled in the strategy that you believe the plan is the end product rather than being a blue print to get you to your goals.

Sometimes just a little reminder serves to help keep you moving forward. If you have a grand strategy and objectives established for the firm, the most critical thing you need to do  next is to create a timeline for achieving your goals and assigned roles so that things get done!   Without giving someone ownwership, you can be pretty sure it will not get done! Think about that - and find a way to make things happen! 


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