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Exit Surveys - What You Can Learn!

This is just a brief suggestion that you might find useful.  Whenever you are finishing up an audit, a consulting engagement or even a tax return, stop a moment and ask your clients about their experience with the firm.  While this is typically  done in a casul and informal fashion , I am suggesting you prepare a printed (short) exit survey comprised of just 3-5 questions regarding their experience throughout the engagement.  On the negative side, there may have been some miscommunication or unmet expectations that you are unaware of.  On the positive side, the client may be delighted with your on-time service delivery and high quality of your work.  In either case,  good communication can help you preempt potential trouble spots while also giving you the opportunity to leverage your client's satisfaction.  The client can complete the survey with you and it can be added to their file.  This should be reviewed prior to the next engagement so that you have better insight into what the client values and what types of interaction will be most successful.

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