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End of Year Opportunities

As the year ends it gives you the opportunity to market more aggressively to clients and non-clients. One idea is for you to share your insights in a "year in review" presentation. We recently hosted a roundtable with this as the topic - from both an accounting/audit and tax perspective - and we had a great turnout. Because 2009 has been tough clients are more eager than ever to connect with you and to learn any new ideas, suggestions or solutions that are relevant for their situation.

Centers of Influence fall into this category as well. So much has happened, including IFRS, that you can schedule meetings with your local bankers and provide them with a presentation of changes that will impact them and their customers. You will gain extra face time, add value and build the connections that can lead to meaningful referrals down the road.

Remember that year-end, holiday season is a great time for networking, meeting people, and distinguishing the firm so don't go into hibernation yet!

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