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Doing Things a Little Differently!

A good friend of mine, Mike Swaim, recently retired as managing partner of his CPA firm in South Carolina. But before he left the firm he shared a great marketing tip with me that works well in his community. He “drops in” (unannounced) on some of his firm’s best clients periodically, just to say hello. If the owner is in the midst of preparing to run an errand – such as heading over to the bank, or to pick up new parts, or to stop at a customers’ site - Mike will ride along. You simply cannot imagine how much you can learn from a client when you are riding in the car together for about 20 minutes! You have a captive audience, and you are both in a position to share information that no one makes the time to do anymore. In the course of his term as managing partner, Mike uncovered clients’ most critical issues just by riding along with them unexpectedly. It is a tip that has no cost, except your time, attached to it. Reaching out to clients in such a personal manner and really listening to them can give your firm a strong competitive edge when prospecting and raising retention.

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