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Our Uncle Was Killed in Action During World War II

William BrighentiUSS Radord carrying survivors from USS HelenaBattle of Kula GulfOn this Veteran's Day, I wish to honor the memory of our uncle, whom we never had the opportunity of knowing: Joseph Perry.

Corporal Joseph Perry served in the 33rd Armor Division, and was killed in action on April 17, 1945, just days before the end of World War II with Germany.

Our uncle Frank Brighenti served in the Philippines during World War II as a Sergeant.  During that campaign, he was busted to the rank of private for traveling 20 miles behind enemy lines in order to find beer for the members of his platoon.

Our uncle William Brighenti, my godfather, served in the US Navy on the USS Radford during the Battle of Kula Gulf. He was decorated for saving survivors from the USS Helena, sunk during the battle, jumping into shark-infested and oil-fired waters at night, saving many lives.

Our uncle, Thomas Miano, participated in both the invasion of Normandy and Anzio.  He was almost killed at Normandy.

I wish to honor their memories today.

William Brighenti

In honor of our uncles who served during World War II

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