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Have Fun and Don't Be Bored

My nine year old daughter said to me this week before I left a few days for business - "Have fun and don't be bored."  Don't you just love the things that kids say.  So simple and yet so powerful. 

She didn't know it (or maybe she did) that after the holiday vacation and visits with family, that it is difficult to "flip the switch" back on and get to work.  Her simple words actually have helped a lot.  Life should be fun, and yes, even work.  We should live to make each day count. 

We should strive to "love" what we do.

I love preventing and solving problems.  I also love representing the underdog and helping them win.  I think that is why I love working in the state and local tax field.  I think clients can often feel like the underdog when dealing with taxing authorities.  Taxing authorities seem to wield a great deal of power by issuing notices, changing the rules (almost daily), and issuing audit assessments forcing taxpayers to prove the assessment is wrong.

I love helping clients resolve audit assessments and providing appeals representation to minimize the assessment.  I call it "research with a purpose."  I enjoy the process of "digging" to find a way to resolve the matter in a taxpayer beneficial manner.

That's also why I love planning.  Planning can allow a company to operate its business in a multistate tax-efficient manner.  This can help prevent problems from occurring down the road.

If you haven't noticed by now, I also enjoy writing and connecting with CFOs, Controllers and other tax professionals via the Internet.  I started writing this blog in January 2009 and am thankful for all of those who have reached out to me and either signed up via e-mail and/or connected with me via LinkedIn.

In the world of state and local taxes, I think we (state tax professionals) need to become more connected.  I also think we need to become more connected with our clients.  I want to create something new and exciting in the world of state and local taxes that will help middle market companies deal with the complex burden of operating a multistate business.  When a company is trying to be profitable, the last thing they need is to have their profit swallowed-up by multistate taxes (whether expected and properly planned for, or unexpected). 

As you get back into "the groove" after a long holiday break, instead of dreading work or feeling blue about being back at work, think about the things you enjoy doing at your job.

"Have fun and don't be bored."

What do you "love" about what you do?

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