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End of Year Advice

Hi everyone: I imagine that right now you are slugging through the last deadlines for tax filing - I know how busy September and October can be! But as you emerge from the compression of work, and before the busy season for 2013 is upon you, I would suggest you take some time to personally sit down with your "A" and "B" clients for a discussion on what they can expect in the year ahead.

All too often we rely on impersonal e-blasts, newsletter articles or even seminars and roundtables to offer year-end advice to clients and business colleagues. Less often do we schedule individual meetings to hone in on their unique situations. For small to mid-size firms, this is where you can add real value and demonstrate the difference between your approach and that of a larger mega-firm where professionals might not have the time to arrange one-on-one strategic planning meetings with top clients.

Leverage your size and your commitment to clients. Deliver the hand-holding they need, offering smart business advice and technical competencies to help them maximize their opportunities. Do it now before it is too late!

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